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Holiday Wellness Hacks: 4 Strategies for a Stress-Free Season

Holidays can feel like an overwhelming cycle of giving, parties, travel, and commitments. With so much to do, we may feel cheated out of the cheer of the season. If we’re ready to finally ditch those feelings of stress, implementing even just one of these stress-busting strategies will allow us to approach the holidays with less fretting and more ease.

4 Strategies For A Stress-Free Season

1. Give yourself the gift of sleep

During the holidays, and even year-round, we give so much to others, leaving ourselves feeling depleted. All of the presents have been wrapped. Yet, when will we take the time to fill our own self-care bucket and get much-needed rest?

The better we sleep, the more confident and strong we become… and the more able we are to enjoy the holiday season. And speaking of the holiday season, give yourself the gift of total self care. Reach out, let’s get you started on your wellness journey before the new year!

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2. Put yourself first on your calendar

We’ve all been there this time of year – a packed calendar, not enough time to complete our daily tasks, and a tendency to leave our wellness on a “shelf” for another time.

While these stressors can’t always be controlled, how we manage our time and calendar can be. Focusing less on shopping, learning to say “no” more often, and filling our calendar with what aligns with our core values – like our wellness – are great habits to cultivate. Our wellness needs come FIRST, even more so during one of the busiest times of the year!

3. Choose fueling foods

One way to stress less is to be properly fueled throughout the day. When we’re busy, like during the holiday season, it’s important that we give our bodies what they need. Once we focus on eating protein and filling our plate with food that leaves us full, we will be ready and able to tackle our seasonal to-do list.

To get our stress in check, we need to reset our mindset. Our food choices can empower us, uplevel our wellness, and make us become even stronger than we were in our 20s and 30s. Gone are the days of food shame and depriving ourselves to fit into our holiday best – food is fuel for life.

Here Are 4 Strategies For A Stress-Free Season

4. Join a supportive and empowering community

Here’s my best holiday stress hack – find your people! In my Small Group Concierge Wellness program, you’ll find a community of women who come together week after week to consciously empower themselves with the wellness they know they can achieve. This holiday season, give yourself the gift of community and connection. Reach out, let’s get you started on your wellness journey before the new year!

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