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Working with, listening to, and learning from women in midlife for the past two decades, Adrien has developed her Wellness Wheel strategies to help you feel stronger, more energetic, and more confident – throughout midlife and menopause.

With the Small Group Concierge Wellness virtual program, you now have the opportunity to learn the Adrien Cotton method through LIVE facilitated sessions designed to educate and inspire.

As a member, you’ll find a community of women who come together week after week to consciously shift away from a victim mentality, opting for a victorious lifestyle instead.

Empower yourself with expertise and support. Choose the path of holistic, lifelong wellness.

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A Dedicated Space to Care for YOU

Empower yourself with an inner circle of women who are choosing wellness, just like you.

  • They’re choosing themselves and how they feel in their bodies, just like you. 
  • They’re choosing boosted happiness, fitness, and confidence, just like you. 
  • They’re releasing old patterns and choosing to live life in a renewed and inspired way… just like you.

In Small Group Concierge Wellness, find the celebration and support of a kindred community, with the intimacy and connection of a small group.

Find your people. Find success. The magic of Small Group Concierge Wellness is waiting for you.

Small Group Concierge Wellness

Weekly 1-Hour Sessions Include:

The Adrien Cotton Method

Adrien’s unique and comprehensive strategies for achieving well-being are illustrated by her Wellness Wheel.

This approach emphasizes the key elements of well-being and underscores the interdependence of each segment within the wheel.

By addressing the vital aspects of sleep, stress resilience, physical movement, food as fuel, and calendar management, Adrien Cotton’s method serves as a powerful foundation for building lifelong wellness.

Wellness Wheel

Begin your journey to lifelong wellness!

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