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1 Fact That Will Change Your Mind(set) About Food For Good

I grew up in Southern California, the birthplace of modern exercise, back during the running craze of the 80s. This was when Dr. Kenneth Cooper introduced us to the concept that intense cardio was the gateway to burning calories. This was when being “thin” was the ideal physique and “eating less” was the golden rule to get there.

I figured I’d work harder and harder to achieve the body I desperately wanted. I believed my perspective was superior to others even as I was entering my mid-forties.

I kept on “working hard” and fretting. I thought my wellness and nutrition were sufficient until the scale stopped moving “in the right direction.” Ouch…It hit my confidence hard despite shrinking my calories and logging hours of cardio, despite sheer exhaustion. I wasn’t in control of my weight or my energy. It even felt like I didn’t have control of me – my life.

I would yo-yo between periods of eating well and intense dieting and times when I’d binge on junk – cheese, crackers, and wine was dinner! My moods, energy, and wellness suffered due to this lack of consistency. Food became a point of contention. I was at war with food – almost like it was my enemy. Or, better yet, I was a victim of this mindset and belief system I’d carefully crafted for almost 40 years. Food was a roadblock to my happiness, and I felt unsure about how I was going to get my eating on track in a way that served me – and my young children.

Then, I did my homework and found an alternative to the frustrating fight I’d been losing to my body.

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I decided to reframe my mindset. YOU can, too!

Before we dive in, how many of these food “conventional wisdoms” have you heard? How many do you believe to be true?

  • As long as I burn off calories, I can eat whatever I want.
  • Slim is better than strong.
  • Dieting is the only way to lose or maintain weight.
  • What worked for me at 30 will work for me now.
  • Caffeine, alcohol, and sugar don’t impact my health because I eat healthily otherwise. Again, calories are the name of the game.
  • My weight dictates my value.

Do they sound like familiar thoughts that have crept their way into your mindset? If they do, don’t worry, they’re common!

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Here is my top science-based fact that helped me achieve a positive mindset and a fueling relationship with food.

The guilt, shame, and awful feeling we have about any poor food choices are far worse on our waistlines than the actual impact of the food itself. Negative emotions cause stress, which releases our stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol causes us to hold onto weight, reach for a sugary treat or vanilla latte instead of a nutritious meal, lose sleep, or skip out on our exercise due to our mood.

Giving up food shame and properly fueling our bodies will help us transition or journey through midlife with greater confidence than we thought possible.

So, if I leave you with one piece of information today, STOP WORRYING!

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Worrying about food, the very thing that sustains our vibrant lives is bad for our wellness, our waist, our brain, our relationships with others – and ourselves. Shifting our relationship with food to one that recognizes the benefits of fueling our lives will help us achieve better sleep, stress less, manage our weight, build flexible and denser muscles, and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. Best of all – help us lead the active lives we’ve all chosen to live!

With all the time you’ll save from leaving food worry in the past, you’ll be able to level up your wellness double-time in my Concierge Small Group Wellness sessions! My concierge members continually enhance their mindsets surrounding not only food but also sleep, stress, movement, and their calendars. If you’re ready to transform your mindset and your wellness for good, reach out to us to get started. A positive mindset begins with a decision to change…are you ready to reclaim your life?

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