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Adrien believes the greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of wellness, and she freely shares her wisdom, advice, and wellness plans with audiences across various podcasts.


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Uncorked with Funny Wine Girl

Tossing and turning. Sheets soaked wet with sweat. Pants that are suddenly tighter thanks to belly fat. Moods swinging like a pendulum. Hormones take charge during perimenopause and many years that follow. 

Well it’s time to show those hormones who’s boss by taking control of our own bodies and making choices that are right for where we are in life. 

Adrien Cotton joined Jeannine Luby to make sense of this topic that is not talked about enough, nor fully understood. 

Burnt Pancakes Podcast

Host Katie Fenske and I unravel the mysteries of perimenopause and menopause, navigating the signal flares our bodies send us as we transition. 

Facing the perimenopause gauntlet can feel like an uphill battle, with symptoms that disrupt our daily grind and test our resilience. I get real with you about the struggles and victories I’ve faced as a mom of twins and small business entrepreneur. We’re not just talking hot flashes; we dive into the impact on weight, mood, and sleep, and how little tweaks in our fitness and diet can make a colossal difference. I also offer practical strategies for mental fortitude and the importance of finding knowledgeable medical support.

As we wrap up our heart-to-heart, we celebrate the tales of women who’ve taken the reins of their wellness journeys. Hear about the evolution of my wellness community, a hub for women over 40, where the camaraderie flourishes and the cognitive benefits of aging shine. By the end of our chat, you’ll be brimming with actionable steps to not just survive menopause, but to rock it. 

So, let’s turn up the volume on these life changes, because, like Katie and me, you’re not just meant to endure this stage—you’re meant to thrive.

Fueled & Free Podcast

Holistic nutritionist Margaret Powell and I discuss how facing the perimenopause gauntlet can feel like an uphill battle, with symptoms that disrupt our daily grind and test our resilience. We get real, talking about the struggles and victories I’ve faced as a mom of twins and small business entrepreneur, and how I’ve used my experience to empower and educate women through midlife and beyond. 

We chat about perimenopause – when it typically starts, common symptoms associated with it, what the different stages look like, and more. We also delve into my Wellness Wheel approach, designed to support perimenopausal women trying to juggle all the responsibilities for ourselves and our families, and centered on building simple and sustainable wellness habits when you’re in your forties and beyond.

Even if you’re not yet in perimenopause or menopause, you will eventually be, and chances are, you know someone who already is.


Tame the Taboo

Taking Charge of Your Journey! Join Adrien Cotton and Jenna Perkins in a powerful discussion about navigating perimenopause and being your own advocate.

Don’t settle for “you’ll be fine.” Let’s empower ourselves with knowledge and take the reins of our bodies during this transformative phase. It’s time to understand, embrace, and thrive!

Luann Nigara

A Well-Designed Business®

On this episode of A Well-Designed Business, LuAnn Nigara is joined by Adrien Cotton, menopause expert, transformational concierge wellness coach, and founder of Alexandria Wellness. Adrien’s luxury services and holistic approach bring beauty and confidence to her clients. Like many interior designers, Adrien operates a very personal pursuit that can impact every facet of an individual or family’s life and well-being.

Driven by systems, efficiency, and meaningful connections, Adrien is here to share effective business insights that will move the needle in any industry. We talk about qualifying clients, building a solid team, the importance of systems and consistency, and the value of human connection.

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