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The Today Show

With more women opening up about menopause, retailers are taking notice and rushing to put out products to help with symptoms. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren goes inside the big business of menopause and interviews wellness experts such as Adrien Cotton.


Street Style: Meet Adrien Cotton, Wellness Expert

As Adrien ushers us into her wellness studio, it’s hard to miss her guns. She’s not flexing, they’re just prominent and physical proof that chinups and pullups work. So of course, we already know we’re going to ask her to demonstrate – and Renee’s going to capture it for posterity!

Authority Magazine

Adrien Cotton shares her story, expertise, and mid-life wellness advice for women in her recent interview with Wanda Malhotra as part of Authority Magazine’s Women in Wellness series.

From her backstory to her most interesting client story to her five lifestyle tweaks for a healthier life — Adrien shares it all.

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