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Adrien Cotton’s Menopause Method Hits the TODAY Show!

It’s been a busy year for our company, and I am thrilled to share that we are finally witnessing the culmination of decades of hard work as I take my menopause method to the millions—yes, literally millions. 

I’ve curated content about simple ways women can thrive during menopause for corporate groups and for our Small Group Concierge Wellness cohorts of six to ten women. I’ve prepared to share my message about changing the narrative surrounding menopause in keynote speeches for audiences between 100 and 10,000. I recently completed the first-of-its kind online menopause program focused on holistic strategies (not just diet trends and exercise fads) intended to reach tens of thousands. And last week, the Adrien Cotton method was aired before an audience of 50 million on NBC’s Today Show! 

Watch Adrien Talk Menopause on the TODAY Show!


The Menopause Method By Adrien Cotton

My Menopause Method

Over twenty years ago, I started my journey to help women feel good in their bodies, even in midlife. Through extensive research, exploring our members’ paths, and experiencing my own “perimenopause prison,” I’m excited to share that menopause is becoming a term less shamed, and more celebrated

My passion is changing the narrative about menopause, one person at a time. I know, and many of the women I work with can share, menopause is a phase that CAN lead to feeling better than ever and reaching optimal health. I am honored to be a contributor to this message. 

In April, I was approached by The TODAY Show. They are refreshingly interested in understanding what it feels like to go through “the change” and committed to sharing insights to help their millions of viewers distinguish between fads and programs that last. 

A small group of us gathered in my living room and shared real-life menopause challenges  – the hot flashes, the weight gain, the vaginal dryness… you name it. It was a beautiful moment to be part of. A group of women sharing our struggles in good humor, but also sharing a message of hope. We can TAKE CHARGE of our wellbeing and love this part of our journey. As experienced readers of my content, you know that sort of self-empowerment comes to be by working with my Menopause Wellness Wheel.

Wellness Wheel For Master Menopause Now By Adrien Cotton


Check out our August 10 Today Show segment and please share with anyone you know who is entering, in the thick of, or “finished” with menopause. (Shhhhh…menopause never finishes!) 

Explore my brand-new website to learn more about my Coaching, Speaking, and Workshop offerings.  

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