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Want to Lose 5 Pounds? Plan Your Week On Sunday.

How in the world could our calendars have anything to do with our fitness, wellness, and shedding those pesky few pounds? Well, pretty easily. Let me explain.

Without boundaries and a clearly defined calendar, we often head down the path of saying yes too often, and we become anchorless in our day. We are more easily led astray from our goals, and “can’t find the time” for meal prep, sleep, and movement because of our piled-up to-do list.

Frankly, when we don’t plan ahead, we give everyone else but ourselves control of our day.

Plan = Lose 5 Pounds?

So, if losing a few pounds and feeling better in our bodies is the goal, we need to take a look at our calendar before hitting yet another stressful and sweaty cardio session. I know – that might sound totally opposite to what you’ve been told when it comes to weight loss and wellness. Here’s a deeper look at the connection between calendar management and feeling better (and stronger) in our bodies.

Plan And Lose 5 Pounds

How we spend our waking hours is an indication of our values and our priorities. Let’s be honest with ourselves: wouldn’t it be difficult to make time for anything that we don’t see on our calendars? With the hustle of daily work commitments, family obligations, and general “life” busyness, how would we even remember a workout when we’re burnt out from the day already?

Ready for the solution? Sunday scheduling.

Sunday, our final day of rest before our hectic pulled-in-all-directions workweek, is an ideal time to look ahead, plan for what matters most to us, and boundary our time with our well-being first. Many of my clients do just that, and have seen massive success and transformation in their wellness journey, by including these checks in their Sunday schedule ritual:

  • They say “yes” only to the essential
  • They organize their email and the amount of time they spend on it
  • They schedule their workouts, meal prep and self-care – making time for their core values.

Just by implementing a few simple boundaries into their calendar each Sunday, my clients claim their lives were forever changed when they actively planned for self-care activities like walks, food prep, journaling, and even conscious breathing. By checking in with themselves and honoring their core values each week, they feel stronger and more empowered on their wellness journey even more than when they were solely focused on diet and exercise.

Lose 5 Pounds

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again. If your wellness is not scheduled, it won’t happen. When we are running around from one thing to the next all day long, it’s easy to get to the end of the day and realize we “forgot” or “didn’t have time” to take care of ourselves. Scheduling our wellness also offers some accountability. If a workout is scheduled, it’s much more likely that it will happen! Often, those extra 5 physical (or even emotional) pounds are connected to a calendar that’s set by everyone but ourselves. Wellness isn’t simply a workout or low-calorie meal here and there when we remember or feel like we have the time.

Wellness is a conscious effort, day in and day out, to make consistent and conscious choices that build into habits.

Those daily small habits, appearing on our calendar, help us achieve quality time for physical movement, foster a fueling relationship with food, help us build stress resilience, and allow us the time for ample sleep.

Challenge Yourself

If you’re looking to lose 5 pounds, I challenge you to think even bigger and consider what you can gain from a lifestyle that prioritizes your wellness entirely – beyond weight loss. If your calendar feels out of control and is a large source of stress in your life, I suggest starting small. Don’t be afraid to say “no,” schedule small breaks into your days, and limit those distractions which will only result in LESS time for yourself.

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