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The Wellness Wheel: A Complete Approach to Wellness

If we think about our approach to fitness during our 20s and 30s, we might recall the ingrained belief that doing more cardio and eating fewer carbs was the ultimate (and frankly, only) formula for success. More often than not, though, this formula proves inadequate as we age, leaving us on an unfulfilling wellness rollercoaster ride that yields only temporary results.


Over the years, I’ve witnessed countless individuals embark on wellness journeys that led to frustrating cycles of highs and lows.

These journeys typically involved a narrow focus on intense exercise and strict dietary restrictions. They also tended to vacillate in diet and exercise routines. Many would get in shape for specific events, like weddings or reunions, only to backslide afterward.

The critical components of stress resilience and calendar management were often overlooked, and sleep was relegated to the status of a chore rather than a vital part of wellness. Additionally, persistent unhelpful habits and negative self-talk often undermine progress.

Complete Approach to Wellness

Throughout my coaching career, I’ve also witnessed sustainable wellness SUCCESS stories. These stories manifest when a holistic approach that considers the entire individual—not just isolated aspects like fitness—is the center of focus. Studying these success stories over the span of two decades, I identified five facets of a sustainable wellness practice that support us as a whole person instead of the number on the scale—these facets are the spokes to my Wellness Wheel.

  • Sleep
  • Stress Resilience
  • Movement
  • Food as Fuel
  • Calendar Management

Wellness Wheel For Master Menopause Now By Adrien Cotton

My Wellness Wheel was created to address the struggles of countless women seeking improved wellness. While the foods we choose and our movement are undoubtedly essential components of our healthiest existence, they are just pieces of a larger and more-complex puzzle. As you can see, the Wellness Wheel depicts the concept that wellness encompasses various ‘spokes,’ each equally important and interconnected to give us the lasting wellness we deserve.

When we adopt a holistic approach, incorporating strategies from the Wellness Wheel, we experience a total revolution in our lives, along with a departure from the cycle of fad diets, medications, and exercise programs that keep us feeling perpetually worse about ourselves.

This journey isn’t effortless. It requires making a conscious decision to prioritize yourself, each and every day, using the Wellness Wheel as our guide. This journey is worth it, though—a path we are all deserving of to travel together.

Wellness Wheel in Action

To help you master these practices, I’ve also created an online program that delves into each wheel spoke in great detail, providing strategies to develop new habits. These practices align closely with the keys to mastering menopause.

My Master Menopause NOW! course, built upon the Wellness Wheel principles, underscores the interrelated nature of the wellness components sleep, stress, movement, nutrition, and calendar management. In this course, we:

  • Measure success differently: We prioritize overall wellness over the number on the scale.
  • Overcome old habits: We focus on replacing ineffective habits with achievable new ones.
  • Address deep-rooted issues: We delve into what’s holding you back from making lasting changes.
  • Prioritize strength: We emphasize physical and emotional health over being ‘skinny.’

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative wellness journey like the many inspiring women who are part of my ever-growing community, please explore our Small Group Concierge Wellness program and Master Menopause NOW! course, both launching this fall.


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