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Cardio Confessions of a Strength Training Coach

I’ll admit it: when Remi and I decided to begin a “Summer Cardio” program, I was flustered. I became even more flummoxed when I realized I was the one who would teach it!



If you’ve ever read my blogs, you know I am a humongous advocate of strength training. I mean HUGE. A former marathon runner, a reformed “chronic” cardio junkie, I was tasked to develop a new and innovative way to teach a CARDIO class.

Some background. Strength training: good for the brain, amazing for longevity, builds muscle, burns fat, brings tons of oxygen to the blood stream, yada yada yada. You’ve heard me. And, let me be clear, I still am a fierce strength training advocate. I’ve seen the greatest change in my own physique from focused strength training for sure…

What I also am, though, is a fit 51 year old who’s tried almost everything. When Charles Staley, a highly regarded coach in Arizona, talked me off the “running cliff” more than a dozen years ago, it blew me away. He told me I would burn more fat with focused strength training. And, the better you get, he said, the more your heart rate will elevate. Yep, he was right.

How could I keep my speed, burn fat, keep building every muscle I could muster and frankly have the arms I so craved back then?



Strength training….but strength training with focus. Strength training where you master movements. Strength training where you push yourself to an uncomfortable place and get your heart rate up for intervals and/or repetitions.

I learned how to do those things: build muscle (more important now at 51), keep my muscle (my new found passion at 51), and rev up my heart rate as a result of perfecting easy-to-complete and more challenging movements. Strength training where you push yourself into discomfort yet at the end know you’ve had an amazing workout. Strength training where I complete the perfect posture I’ve so worked hard to build.

You try a goal of 10 chin ups? Think your heart rate will elevate? Well, mine did in every single training session. It took me six months. Got ’em! Now working on 20!

Back to Summer Cardio at FOR. We’ve had a sell-out crowd. People reaching massive stretch goals like 10 push ups, battling ropes for 25-30 seconds for at least four rounds, and really, simply having fun! What could be better!?

This is what we offer:

  • A weekly theme: Make it look easy, learn how to jump like an athlete, ropes, and other cool ideas we will unveil when you register!
  • Access to our library of Flows and Workouts
  • Cardio movements you’ve likely never heard of, tried, or done the way we teach them
  • Heart rate elevating and maintaining
  • A FOR “Fit for Life” summer tank top
  • An informed education on the latest diet and fitness fads and trends
  • Turning CARDIO and workouts into PLAY!

Where else do you find a fitness class, an education on the latest diets and fitness fads, and learn new ways to approach your exercise, all in five weeks?

Don’t miss out this time around. Our next round starts July 2 and lasts for five weeks. We’re offering 4- or 5-week packages and drop in rates, as well.


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