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Back to School Self Care

When we become parents, our self-care routine is often deprioritized in favor of dedicating an abundance of focus on our children.

This focus is heightened during the school year when we’re busy managing our home, our kids’ schedules, pick-up/drop-off times, sports games, back-to-school check-ups, and homework. Maintaining a pace like this can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed since we are left with little to no time for ourselves!

Back To School Self Care For Parents

I don’t know about you, but for me, it feels like school just ended a week ago.

Not to mention, I’ve maintained an energy of hustle all summer, working on my new menopause course, meeting with concierge groups, and rolling out a rebranded and rejuvenated business. It was a whirlwind that I’m grateful for, yet here we are, somehow already at the end of August!

Back to School Self Care

If you had a full summer, too, and have any anxieties about ushering your household and kids into the school grind, I have good news!

There’s just enough time before the bell rings to get our own self-care practices back on track so we can be our best, strongest, and most fulfilled selves all year long—because THAT will help you through the back to school grind more than running yourself ragged ever will.

Here’s some fun habit science that proves the school year is a wise time to make self-care a priority finally:

Any new or renewed habit starts with a trigger or a cue.

This means we can leverage this transition as a trigger and curate a calendar that reflects our wellness, our goals, our core values, and, most importantly, our self-care.

Back To School Self Care - Make It A Priority

The overachiever inside might not want to hear this, but it’s when we are at our busiest that we need to get serious about making time for ourselves.

The practices I have that work, for example—like my early mornings, daily walks, and Epsom salt baths—remain on my calendar even when I’m chauffeuring my daughter to swim practice, juggling pick-up and drop-off, and running a wellness business. I’d certainly rather “just get things done,” but when life is at its most hectic, I know the importance of not letting my to-do list get in the way of my wellness. 

Repeat after me: Self-care is more important than meeting another deadline.

In fact, upping your self-care practice will likely help you produce better work, have more clarity in your projects, and exude a sense of calm and confidence to the world every day. Yes, all of this can be achieved with just a little self-care!

I work with so many people who have busy and never-ending days. Executives, entrepreneurs, parents, you name it – some feel “too busy” for self-care or even for a moment to take a deep breath. This way of living is NOT sustainable or conducive to the productive and abundant lives we want, and frankly deserve, to lead.

Enter, sacred self-care.

Self-care shifts our stressed and irritated mindsets to feelings of calmness and gratitude. Self-care can be one of the most beneficial wellness assets when approached mindfully, which is why I compiled a list of three self-care methods we can implement today to ensure the demands of the school year don’t usurp our wellness goals.

Self Care Methods

1. For 7-7.5 hours of restful sleep, try Epsom salt baths.

Unlike before, when I’d bring my phone, my extensive “to-do” lists, and worries to bed with me, I now leave them downstairs and away from our bedroom. Yes, even the worries are left behind. That is our space, not a place where my work, my phone, and my to-do lists are welcome.

Over 12 years ago, when I first learned about how Epsom salt baths could help me tame my stress and give me the energy I needed for the demanding life I chose, I thought they were a joke. How could soaking in a tub at night before bed without my phone help me?

Twelve years later, there is rarely a night when our bathtub is not in use. I add a very heavy pour of Epsom salts and essential oils as I soak without any electronic devices. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

2. Enjoy early morning sunlight with an outdoor walk

I don’t think there’s anything more peaceful than a morning walk, before our emails are buzzing and requests from others come pouring in. Take advantage of the end-of-summer morning energy by getting in your quality movement outside, at the first sign of sunlight.

If you need a little more scientific backing for the benefits of sunshine, researchers have proven that sunlight helps produce more vitamin D, which boosts our bone density and longevity. It is an essential nutrient for healthy brain function, protecting neurons in the brain and reducing inflammation. Vitamin D also helps your body maintain calcium, soo soaking up a few rays in the morning may be just what you need to live longer, live better, and feel gratitude for tiny moments of joy to start your day.

My daily walks are a TOP priority for me. You won’t be disappointed if you give them a try!

3. Join a group of women who are dedicated to their wellness, just like you

One of my favorite quotes is,

“We are all the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time,” by Jim Rohn.

So why not ensure those five share similar core values and have similar goals? When we spend an hour weekly with others seeking holistic and lasting wellness, the world changes – for the better! This is possible with my Small Group Concierge Wellness sessions. This program brings together a community of women who, week after week, do the work of consciously shifting away from a victim mentality, opting for a victorious lifestyle instead.

With the changing of the seasons and schedules, now is the perfect time to reprioritize yourself. Wouldn’t it feel great to have more strength, more confidence, and more joy in your days? Not to mention, more clarity and energy to help all the people who rely on you! Empower yourself with an inner circle of women who are choosing wellness, just like you.

Consider joining one of THREE virtual Small Group Concierge Wellness cohorts I am launching this fall. While your kids are working hard in school, you have the opportunity to join your own classroom – a classroom for an abundant, joyful, and thriving life. Class is in session, friends!

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