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3 Simple Sleep Strategies to Help You Get a Good Night’s Rest

I have seen countless fads and quick fixes to achieve better, through-the-night sleep. However, most women need more than a miracle aromatherapy pillow spritz if they want truly restful sleep – despite what social media “experts” may say.

With over 20 years of research, education, and dedication to women’s wellness, I have found what works and what doesn’t when it comes to sleep and sleep strategies. I remember being in my early forties, a new mother to twins, and wondering if I would ever feel rested again. I really felt hopeless, and my despair led me to search for a realistic method that actually works.

While I have numerous proven strategies for better quality sleep, which you can find by purchasing my MASTER Menopause NOW! 5-Module Course, I have a few tips to share that can help you sleep through the night… starting tonight.

Sleep Strategies

1. Put that phone down (well, at least an hour before bed).

I get it, you might not have any downtime to watch TV, scroll through your newsfeed, or even catch up on emails until the minute your head hits the pillow. And while binging Facebook Reels might be part of your usual bedtime routine (it is for many people), let me explain why it could be your sleep kryptonite.

The bluelight from any screen blocks melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. This light confuses our biological clock, making our brains think that our screens are daylight. So, our sleep suffers. Make sure your brain knows it’s nighttime by limiting your screen exposure an hour before you plan on heading to bed.

2. Invest in comfort

Just like a well-trained athlete needs the best quality gear, as a “life athlete” you need the best, too. When it comes to sleep, this “uniform” includes high-quality sheets, comfortable pajamas, and pillows that remind you of the most luxurious hotel.

When you feel comfortable in your bedroom and your night clothes, you’ll want to stick to a thoughtful sleep routine, instead of running to your bedroom after completing the last-minute items on your to-do list.

And speaking of your to-do list…

3. Simplify your calendar

We’ve all been there – a packed calendar, not enough time to complete our daily tasks and, because of this, staying up all night worrying about falling behind.

While daily stressors can’t always be controlled, how you manage your time can be. Say “no” when you can and when you need to. Spread out your tasks in a timeframe that allows completion without needing an all-nighter. Your wellness needs come FIRST.

As a reminder, don’t add unnecessary stress to your life by trying to incorporate these three tips all at once! Start with one, and as you see results and feel more comfortable, take on another. Sleep mastery is a marathon – not a sprint.

As you work toward better sleep this holiday season, consider gifting yourself wellness in every area of your life. My virtual Small Group Concierge Wellness program will help you feel stronger, more energetic, and more confident in midlife. Learn the Adrien Cotton method of achieving lifelong wellness through live facilitated sessions designed to educate and inspire.

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