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Why I Created the Alexandria Wellness Concierge Program: Wellness Is a Mindset

After 15 years in the fitness industry, I have seen and learned a lot. I have…

Trained more than 2,000 people from ages 10 to 96

Conducted 50+ Wellness visits

Worked with 150+ Corporate Clients

Studied, researched, and attended conferences with
leaders in each area of wellness

Developed and conducted the successful “Fit for Life 5-week Fat Loss Program”
where more than 75 percent found that real wellness was within reach
through our “small changes = big results” methodology



Last week, I provided you with my own unadulterated and candid – and slightly scary – wellness journey. This week, I’d like to share whyI’m launching the Alexandria Wellness Concierge Program, a unique and powerful 360-degree wellness program for individuals ready to embrace wellness as a true way of life…and why either you or a loved one should consider it for you.



In these experiences, I have seen a range of lows and highs, ups and downs, and everything in between. I have seen people get fit and then “fall off the wagon,” or get in shape just to then get injured and lose ground. I’ve seen it all.

Some of what does not work includes:

  • Focusing only on exercise and calorie burn – cardio and calorie restriction
  • Believing that abs are made in the kitchen
  • Vacillating on and off in diet and exercise
  • Getting fit for the next big event, like a wedding, reunion, etc., and then dropping off only only start up again after a while to repeat the cycle
  • Overlooking stress tolerance and sleep as essential components of your fitness and wellness
  • Viewing sleep as a chore or something that is a low priority on your wellness journey
  • Continuing to practice daily habits and language that detract from your wellness

I have also seen what sustainable wellness success looks like. And in every instance, it involves a holistic approach, focusing on the entire you, not just specific aspects (e.g., fitness).

Through my experience, I have identified key factors that are strongly linked to sustainable wellness:

  • Consistency
  • Setting achievable goals
  • Establishing healthful habits
  • Achieving a healthy and accepting relationship with the body
  • Embracing a wellness mindset

To be clear, diet and exercise are important components of your wellness, but these are only pieces of the puzzle, not the whole picture.

The wheel above illustrates the many facets of wellness and each is equally important. They work together to create an environment for wellness to thrive.

As fitness professionals, something that is rarely discussed is mindset when in fact wellness is a mindset, not a set of activities or actions. Wellness is, first and foremost, a way of thinking about our bodies, ourselves, and the organization of our life. Wellness is the thoughts we have, the choices we make, the routines that govern our lives, the way we interact with others, and how we engage with life.

While the fitness industry has done many things well, one of the things we have not excelled at is focusing on a holistic view of wellness. It is easy to focus on exercise because filling classes and booking training sessions is easy for everyone. And…exercise is one central piece of the puzzle.

However, the time has come for programs that focus more holistically on wellness, not just fitness. This is the why behind the launch of Alexandria Wellness Concierge Wellness Program, a unique and powerful 360-degree wellness program for individuals ready to embrace wellness as a true way of life.

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