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The Best Pushup to Build Strength and Avoid Injury

If I had a dollar for every bad pushup I’ve seen, well…I’d have a home on the beach in Southern California. 

When the pushup is performed incorrectly, it can lead to shoulder, neck, chest, lower back, and even wrist injuries. Executing a pushup poorly is almost worse than doing nothing. And I rarely say movement is a mistake. 

I’m here to teach you how to do one, two, and even 10 pushups with proper form. Even better, you’ll learn how to complete them without concern for injury and become stronger in the process. With every properly executed pushup you’ll experience head-to-toe benefits: 

  1. Open, flexible, and strong toe joints 
  2. Strong legs
  3. Toned glute muscles
  4. A hard-core core 
  5. A beautiful back
  6. Toned shoulders
  7. Crushing biceps 


The best pushup is one where you feel EVERYTHING!

Adrien Cotton Pushup Video


Tops tips for absolutely crushing perfect pushup form:

  • Be sure your head, back, hips, and heels form one straight line. Things to watch out for are dropping head, butt in air, or an exaggerated curve in lower back.
  • Place your hands correctly. The emphasis should be on the outside of the lower part of your palm and not wrist dominant.
  • Maintain proper depth. Keep your shoulders and elbows parallel to one another to avoid excessive stress on your joints.
  • Engage your feet in the process. Driving through your heels promotes proper alignment and helps you engage leg and core muscles. Press those heels back!
  • Use your legs. Yes, the pushup is a full-body movement! Keep your legs straight and tight to maintain proper alignment and activate your lower body muscles.

Not yet ready to attack a full pushup? You can get started by trying an incline pushup. Place your hands on an elevated surface, like your desk or kitchen counter, and maintain the same form tips described above. Next level – try the pushup from a kneeling position, being sure to maintain that knee-to-toe straight line form. As you practice your perfect form and begin to build strength and confidence, gradually add in one, then two standard pushups. 

To ensure you’re performing a proper pushup, ask a friend to watch you. Or DM me a video to Instagram @adrienmcotton! I’ll let you know what I see – and better yet, how to fix it! Learn proper form for hundreds of exercises, get strong, and discuss healthy living practices in Small Group Concierge Wellness, in person in Alexandria, Virginia or live on Zoom. Click here to learn more.

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