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Why a Focus on Menopause is the Future of Midlife Wellness

You may wonder why I chose to end a successful fitness career and pivot to helping women thrive during menopause. I’ve had many transitions throughout my career, from working on Capitol Hill and leading communications teams in corporate America, to owning a boutique strength training gym and coaching clients and organizations in their overall wellness. Each transition was born from my personal experience and contributed to my own personal growth story. Now, as I focus on coaching women through (often hidden) midlife struggles, I want to transform the menopause narrative and experience entirely.

And, I’m not giving up. 

I am motivated by what I saw and experienced for myself AND by listening to the struggles of hundreds of women. Today, women continue to be sold the lie that an antiquated approach to diet and exercise will help them feel better in their bodies. Somehow the message that a perimenopausal and menopausal body is a different body than you had in  your 20s and 30s has not gotten through – YET.

Midlife Wellness And Menopause - Adrien Cotton'S Approach

Midlife Wellness

Menopause explained a lot of what I was experiencing, and I want you to know that menopause is NOT something you suddenly just end up in one day. Our bodies slowly transition from one stage to another and, because the transition is slow and progressive, most of us are not conscious of it happening. 

When we do have that moment of realization, though, it can hit hard. Add that to the decades of confusing messaging about trending diets or products, and it’s overwhelming to consider if you’ll ever have that body you remember back.

Well, you can. And you will.


We have seen such success in our Small Group Concierge Wellness program. In fact, the program has been so successful that we’re opening three new virtual groups this fall. I am bubbling with excitement to welcome newcomers who want to change the way they approach their wellness and finally feel better – with the support of like-minded women all experiencing similar symptoms and frustrations. If you’re interested in learning more, click here. 

With my Small Group Concierge Wellness virtual program, you now have the opportunity to learn my method through LIVE facilitated sessions which have educated, inspired, and empowered each and every one of my clients.

As a member, you’ll find a community of women who come together week after week to consciously shift away from a victim mentality, opting for a victorious lifestyle instead. 

Struggling With Midlife Wellness Or Menopause

One of my dedicated clients, Michaela Robinson, had this to say about my Small Group sessions –

“When I started, I thought community was the least important part of my wellness program. Small Group taught me that community is actually the most important ingredient to sustained wellness success. Sharing successes, challenges, ideas and accountability with a group of likeminded women is one of the most rewarding parts of my wellness journey.”

If you are ready to change the way you approach your wellness, consider joining one of the THREE virtual Small Group Concierge Wellness cohorts I am creating in the fall. Go to our new website and send us a line if you’re interested in chatting about this highly successful program.

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