Master Menopause

Mastering STRESS Webinar

January 20th, 12:00-1:00 PM EST

Don’t miss out on this unprecedented event to help you take charge of your body – and your wellness – NOW!

Are You:

  • Struggling to find time for you?
  • More stressed than ever?
  • Gaining or holding onto weight?
  • Experiencing ‘Meno-Fog’?
  • Struggling with your confidence?

Are You Experiencing:

  • Hot flashes or night sweats?
  • Disrupted sleep?
  • Dryness EVERYWHERE?
  • Increased irritability?
  • MORE???
Menopause and Stress

Perimenopause and Menopause are not phases we just survive. You can choose to THRIVE.

One sure way to feel better is to manage your stress.

Join Adrien to learn how to learn why stress is holding you back from reclaiming your life and feeling great in your body. You will hear moving personal stories from women who have struggled with stress just like you, and you will come away with proven stress management strategies that will change your life.

Creating your own STRESS RESILIENCE practice is absolutely crucial to feeling better and thriving during your “second half”! Managing our stress is essential as we journey through this phase of our lives.  Stress triggers menopause symptoms and can make them worse! 

Adrien Cotton Menopause


ADRIEN COTTON believes that the greatest gift you can give to yourself is the gift of wellness. She is an accomplished speaker, entrepreneur, corporate wellness educator, menopause expert and transformational wellness coach with proven success in designing and implementing innovative workforce wellness programs. Her effectiveness as a facilitative leader, motivational speaker, writer and coach is rooted in a strong set of guiding principles for growth and mirrors her own personal wellness journey.

Since founding ALEXANDRIA WELLNESS, Adrien leveraged her fitness and wellness background to move people from a place of “giving up” to one of proactive self-care. Her work goes beyond nutrition and exercise and focuses on an individual’s lifestyle and key high-impact areas including: stress resilience, sleep, food as fuel, movement, calendar management, mindfulness and menopause. She excels in shifting mindset and helping her clients leverage small habits that yield lasting results.

Whereas the market is saturated with wellness professionals, Adrien brings a breadth of corporate experience, a proprietary methodology, and a unique client-centric perspective. After serving in high-leverage professional roles, Adrien pivoted her career focus to helping clients capture their strength in all areas of life.

She is also the creator of the MASTER Menopause NOW! Wellness Program. This course is the culmination of 20 years of research and many years of working with perimenopausal and menopausal women. She  has discovered what works, with real women, every day.

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Mastering STRESS Webinar