Adrien Cotton, MASTER Menopause NOW!

MASTER Menopause NOW!
Coming This Fall


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My 5-module, online course draws from my own research and experience to teach the importance of holistic wellness, especially during midlife. This course delivers, and outlines simple strategies for MASTERING sleep, stress, physical movement, food as fuel, and calendar management. 

MASTER Menopause NOW! Coming Fall 2023

Feel Better, Gain Strength, and Uplift Your Confidence

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What Should I Eat?

How to fuel our changing bodies

Friday, March 8, 2024
12:30 – 1:15 PM ET

Join women’s health expert Adrien Cotton, creator of MASTER Menopause NOW! to learn:

  • The best foods to support our bodies during hormonal shifts
  • Why to let go of the myth about calories in vs. calories out
  • How worrying about food choices can actually make you gain weight
  • The ONE food that can help manage cravings and support healthy weight management

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