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Four Exercises to Help You Enjoy (Your Body) During Retirement

Alexandria retirees make up more than 11% of the total population in the Alexandria. Being part of the baby boom generation, you are part of the engine that powered the nation’s growth.  You’ve worked hard. You’ve saved. You’ve entered retirement. You are heading into what some call “the best years” of your life. 

So, now what?

Now it’s time to focus on YOU!

Maybe you let your body go a bit. Maybe you worked so hard – or your partner did – that you rewarded yourselves with perhaps too many desserts over the years.

Or, maybe you have kept up your fitness program well into retirement, but want a little more of a challenge since you have more time on your hands.

Either way, getting into top fitness after 60 is within reach. Research shows our human bodies can and want to get strong – and at any age.  Age is just a number, it should not define or limit what you can and cannot achieve.

Below are four foolproof and FUN exercises you can do today to get stronger, more fit and will get that ticker ticking.

Exercise 1 

Walk: And, walk correctly. Walk briskly; walk slowly. Use those arms too. (Right hand forward while left foot is forward; left hand forward when right foot is forward.) It burns fat and helps keep your doctor happy with your bone density and heart health numbers. It will keep ME happy with your lean muscle! 

We have so many beautiful trails in Alexandria. You can choose a new one every week. Variety in your walks and the environment will help keep you even more fit. Our brains get used to the same scenery and get lazy. So, shake up the walk locations regularly. It will force you to pay attention to your surroundings, which is always safer, and it will give your walk a renewed focus.


Exercise 2

Hip Hinge: We bend over to pick up many things throughout our days. Yet, are you really doing it correctly and therefore preventing any injury? Here, Jeanne is demonstrating the perfect hip hinge. And, see how she looks!? She hip hinges at FOR with many different tools, like balls and pipes. Here she is hinging with a Kettlebell.


The Hip Hinge is practical, scalable (you can add weights, progress to one leg on the floor at a time, or even hinge on a 2×4 board or uneven surface) and functional 

What does the hip hinge work? What doesn’t it? Everything from using your feet to press into the floor, up to all of the muscles in your legs and hips, your mid section or core and even your shoulders. Add a little weight and you’ll see what I mean.

Exercise 3

Twist: Did you know the #1 cause for injury is previous injury? Did you know where 90% of injury comes from? Lack of rotation, or twisting.

So, twist.  There are many ways to twist. Standing, sitting on the floor, kneeling (one or two knees). It teaches your body how to twist so when a sudden twist is required when you least expect it, your body will be prepared. Remember to squeeze that bottom at the same time! It will protect your back.


Plus, you will be working your mid-section or core while you are doing it.

Exercise 4 

Deep lunge or half-kneeling hip opener: Believe it or not, hip tightness can cause all kinds of injuries and not even those near your hips.


Bonus Exercise  

Get on and off the floor without use of your hands. If you are unable – or it is uncomfortable to complete – come see me for a Wellness Visit. Email to learn how to perform this movement safely and with ease.)


There are many more.  Give us 3 sessions for $99 at Fitness on the Run to teach you how to confidently make the best of your retirement and maybe even get into a bathing suit next summer!



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