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Drop the Kids Off at School and Drop a Few Excess Pounds

The morning rush. We are all too familiar with kids waking up late, the last minute request for a permission slip, a resistant kid and the feeling of utter euphoria when the bus pulls away or the car door shuts and they are in someone else’s (capable!) hands for the day. There is silence. Take advantage of this time. Drop the pounds now. That cortisol can really add the pounds and fat to your waistline. Get control of it. NOW.

This is the time YOU can carve out of your day for exercise – remember…  you only need to start out with 20 minutes a day. Say, Monday is for the long walk along the Mt. Vernon Trail, through Old Town – take the time to explore Jones Point, Huntley Meadows or any other favorite paths. Tuesday is for class at Fitness on the Run (FOR). Wednesday is for your cycling class. Thursday is your Yoga or Pilates. And Friday is your hard core oneon-one session at FOR – a kick butt cardio session filled with FUN movements like sprints, jumps, ropes, and balls. What a way to start your weekend early. You’ll be sweating AND happy! Think you’ll be productive those days? Happy? You be the judge.  



Last week I wrote about how you can get so many benefits from exercise every day. I invited you to consider awakening early for your exercise. Make it your time; your boundary YOU give yourself once a day. It is done. And, its done before 6AM.

However, if you are like many of us, you have a traveling partner or spouse, kids too young to leave or have infants in the house; awakening any earlier than you have to while still being alive for carpool sounds daunting. You have enough stress, don’t add more by stressing about the early wake up. Wait until your kids are a little older, or when partner is home. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Exercise routines make fit people. Period.

I’m offering you an alternative. Post drop off – it is drop pounds time. I’m offering to you that if you make that time after drop off, time for exercise – not grocery, not delivering something to a friend, not going home to sit in front of the computer. Exercise.

Consistency is the key to any exercise program. With consistency will come that weight loss. I promise. Yet, stuff happens and gets in the way. As Mark McAuley, a Strength and Conditioning Coach says, “To train consistently, you will have to train when you don’t want to, when you’re injured, and when you’re tired. But working around these obstacles with a balanced approach will keep you motivated and moving forward. Too often we all put the brakes on training due to injury or tiredness. Yes, you must take time to rest, and should follow proper injury rehab protocol, but don’t use it as an excuse to opt out of training altogether. Ask yourself, is that voice in your head protecting you, or are you just making excuses?” 


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