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Creating the Habit, Part 2: Making the Time

In my last article I explained the importance of exercise post 30 and the innovative ways the medical industry is measuring life span. We explored the indicators of life span: VO2Max, Waist Circumference, Resting Heart Rate, Exercise Habits. Last we talked about the one way to mitigate some of the indicators of a shorter life span. That way is EXERCISE. And making time for it.



Its not about having time. Its making time… 

What can you gain from developing an exercise “habit”?  

  • More productivity in your job and at home 

  • Weight control 

  • Look and feel younger 

  • Better brain function 

  • Increased bone density 

  • Gain confidence in your looks and how you move 

  • Injury – and fall – prevention 

  • Lessen chronic pain 

  • Press “pause” on osteoporosis 

  • Challenge chronic disease from being part of your life 

  • Challenge your propensity for depression or anxiety 

  • Increased sex drive 

  • real sense of accomplishment 

  • Take a life-long break from prescription medication

With all the benefits to making exercise a habit, what is holding you up?  

  • Previous failures 

  • Don’t know where to start 

  • Fear of injury 

  • Current injury or illness 

  • Fear of inability 

Every one of these fears is absolutely valid and can be assessed by an expert. So now that you’ve admitted your fears, anxieties or past failures. How do we address them so we can get you on a path to a healthier lifestyle? (In my next article I’ll talk about the science behind behavior change.)  

For now, let’s break it down to this: first, start thinking you want to make a change. If you’ve read my first article and you’re still reading this one – you’re there – so check this one off.  Next you need to make a plan to start. And this doesn’t mean you set a date to hit the treadmill – it can be as simple as… on Tuesday I’m going to start taking the stairs at work.  And last… keep taking the stairs – every day OR every Tuesday – and then make another small change and another and another.



Now that you’ve started  just thinking about – making small daily changes, it’s time to set goals. . And here’s where you want to consider seeking the help of an expert. Like say at Fitness on the Run. At FOR we have help hundreds of formerly “non exercisers” appreciate the value of “feeling good” and gaining confidence.  Whether you want one-on-one attention or the motivation of others in our classes – we can help you achieve your goals. 



Still on the fence because you’ve done classes or tried a personal trainer? Have you tried small group training? With small group training, there are tons of benefits that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Here are some of my favorites: 

  • More personal attention – are you intimidated by the one-on-one focus of a personal trainer? Or do you feel like you get lost in a big class? In small group training you’ll get more personal attention to not only your form, but also your goals and expectations. 

  • More affordable – with small group training you’ll get personal attention at half the cost of a one-on-one session. And groups will be no larger than four. 

  • Mixing things up – workouts will change and evolve as you evolve 

  • Camaraderie – sharing workouts builds a sense of community 

  • Motivation – your classmates will push you in class and make you more accountable 

  • Support  your classmates and your trainer all share in the experience. 

  • Fun – workouts are more fun when you share them with friends. You may even look forward to your workout. 

  • Results – when you stick with a program, you will see results. 

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