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Tricks to Help Get Rid of Bingo Arms

How can you get rid of those bingo arms and “waving flags” arms? I mean the arms so many women cover out of shame even with all of the cute sleeveless fashions.

Fat accumulates in our bodies over time. It doesn’t happen overnight and certainly aging doesn’t help matters. So, getting rid of them is a multi-pronged approach. Yet the most important way to do it: MOVE THEM.

Move them in ways they aren’t accustomed. Say, squeeze your steering wheel while driving, reach behind your seat and open up your chest muscles while at a red light, carry as many of your grocery bags for a distance that is uncomfortable. And PRESS up from your counter, a couch or even on your knees from the floor. Get the blood flowing and work those arms!

Move them when you walk. Yes, SWING them! Our bodies are made to swing our arms while we walk – not like me carrying multiple bags, purses and computer bags. Walk with a swing!

Move them and pick up heavy objects. Find anything around your house: books, water jugs, furniture! Or aim for a heavier weight in the gym. Just pick it up!

Don’t allow “bingo arms” to leave you wearing (gads!) sleeves for your holiday parties!

The last strategy to help get rid of those bingo arms, you knew it was coming…eat properly. Eat healthy. Our skin and the loose stuff can be a result of a poor diet. Keep the food clean, drink tons of water and get that Vitamin S (SUN) daily!

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