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Are You Fit? 5 Questions To Ask

So you want to feel fit. What does it mean to be fit…for life? Let’s start with “What is fitness?” To me, fitness is our ability to move well, remain injury-free, and perform physical tasks – inside and outside the gym – with ease.

Fitness also related to our way of looking at daily challenges. The more fit, the more resilient we are and better able to manage adversity. The more fit we are, the better able we are to remain strong in the face of physical and emotional challenges. The more fit we are, the more likely it is that we fuel the body with what it needs to live a fit life.

Whether you feel fit, feel unfit, or are not sure about your level of wellness or fitness, here are five questions to help you begin to sort out where you are:

1) Have I been injury- and/or pain-free for the last 24 months?

2) Am I able to perform physically at home, work, and in the gym with ease?

3) Do I manage my stress effectively or do I feel like my stress manages me?

4) Do I consistently make healthy choices about food and do I have healthy eating routines?

5) Do I recover quickly from emotional and physical setbacks?


If you answered YES to all these questions, rock on! You are doing great. Keep doing what you are doing.

If you answered NO to any of these questions and are committed to converting any of your NOs to a YES, keep reading!



At FOR, our commitment is to train our clients in Fitness for Life and this is why education is as core to what we do as training. We want our clients to fully appreciate what it means to live a fit life and to have the tools to do so.

And this all begins with our Fit For Life program. Whether you are new to FOR or have been training with us for years, Fit for Life is our signature program that teaches clients the fundamentals of living of fit life. We started offering this program in the spring for Fitness on the Run clients. Since then, thirty women have developed profound habits of a fit life including:

  • Learned simple movements they complete daily to improve energy and lose fat
  • Practicing improved breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Less puffiness
  • A consistent morning and evening routine that contributes to their health
  • Gained a thorough understanding of their own wellness and which component is in most need of attention
  • Determined the right eating plan that suits them so they know better how to prepare meals for each day
  • Found ways to improve the quality of their sleep

This is what our participants said after just five weeks of Fit for Life:

“I loved the fantastic group camaraderie and support.”

“The way in which you taught us was immensely helpful,
motivating, incredibly interesting.”

“I loved your current resources, recipes, and articles.”


A key factor that makes this program so successful is the community support. No one is alone on the journey of developing new habits and trying new practices.

When you join the 5-week Fit for Life Program, you receive:

  • A 1-hour group session per week for five weeks
  • A weekly theme planning email
  • Group texts via “Whatsapp”
  • Food choice and nutrition advice
  • A tool chest of simple exercise videos you can do any time of the day to burn fat
  • Weekly goal setting, adjusting, and accountability sessions
  • A FOR journal that will become your new best friend
  • A Fitness on the Run “Fit for Life” limited edition t-shirt
  • FUN


Saturdays 7am, starting October 13

How do I get started?

Please register with to complete your health history and for payment information.

How much does it cost?

All of this for just one flat fee of $349! So if you are ready to think beyond exercise and really want to live a truly fit life, now is the time to secure your spot. This group is limited to eight registrants. Once those spots are filled, the course will be closed.


Due to the short period, combined with the extent of the material, we do not offer make-up sessions.

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"Fitness is the greatest gift you can give yourself."

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