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8 Ways To Tell If the Alexandria Concierge Wellness Program Is Right for You

We all want to be well and fit, and each of us has our own definition of what that means. For some, it evokes images of exercising abilities in the past. For others, they recall how they felt when they were 30, 40, or at a particular moment in their life (wedding, graduation, when you met your partner, etc.). I’ve already met with several people curious about Concierge Wellness. I’m going to share some of the words they’ve used to describe how they felt when they were living their own definition of wellness and fitness:

“I could do anything physical”

“I fit into my clothes”

And what they are saying now:

“I want to be happy in my life and who I am”

“I want to look and feel more like my past self”

“I don’t like how I feel in my body”


Yet, my friends, do you wonder how and why you can get back to and keep that fitness…forever? Do you feel bad about or are you frustrated with yourself because you are no longer in that same state of “fitness” you loved at the time? And, do you wonder if your definition of fitness can change or be adjusted for who you are now – not who you were then?

Your overall wellness includes being fit, but more importantly finding your own definition of lasting and achievable wellness – and fitness may be the best place to start.



I’ve introduced you to the Wellness Wheel and how each spoke within the wheel contributes to your overall wellness. Over the next month or so I will discuss each spoke of the wellness wheel in detail. In the meantime, however, it occurred to me that many of you may be asking yourselves:

“Is the Concierge Wellness Program for me?”


Who IS a match for the Concierge Wellness Approach?

  1. Someone who is interested in no longer chasing their personal idea of fitness and falling short
  2. Someone who tends to pay heavy attention to their diet and exercise, yet isn’t focused on the other important parts of their wellness – and may not know what they are
  3. Someone who does not practice self-care
  4. Someone interested in belonging to a Wellness “tribe” of others aiming for optimal health, wellness, and longevity
  5. Someone who deems self-care selfish
  6. Someone who is too busy to focus on their health and wellness
  7. Someone who wants to learn about other health factors that can lead to ultimate fitness and wellness
  8. Someone who is interested in finding the right exercise program and diet that will last a lifetime

Who is NOT a match for the Concierge Wellness Approach?

  1. Someone who already practices a holistic view and mindset of their exercise, diet, sleep, and stress tolerance
  2. Someone who still believes “Abs are made in the kitchen”
  3. Someone who believes they already have the answers to all of the wellness components
  4. Someone who is looking for a deal on training or a new exercise or nutrition program
  5. Someone who already practices regular, conscious self-care
  6. Someone who believes they can find the answers on the internet, a blog, or in a magazine
  7. Someone who wants a “quick fix”
  8. Someone who has already explored their wellness and has evolved their own thinking and has a clear pathway

If you think you’d benefit from the Alexandria Wellness program, or if you’d like
to learn more, set up a 30-minute introductory conversation with me today.

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"Fitness is the greatest gift you can give yourself."

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