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5 ways strength training leads to a happier you (see video!)

Working on our strength is a good idea. We gain muscle, right? And we know that muscle is really important, right? But, do you know WHY? Well let me share with you my TOP five reasons why I encourage you to strength train.

5. You avoid injury

In my experience, those who strength train have fewer aches and pains and suffer from fewer injuries. I haven’t written it yet, but my dream case study is to prove that those who regularly strength train experience fewer injuries, particularly if they work with a knowledgeable coach. Injury is time consuming, costly and leads to weight gain, tons of frustration and pain.

4. You gain confidence

Thanks to my training, I can pick up a case of water, a bag of cat litter, and that large carton from Amazon. I no longer need to ask for help placing my suitcase into the overhead bin. And when someone at a store offers to carry something for me, I graciously tell them I’ve got it.

I can – and do – lift a lot of weight. 

My goal since I turned 50 has been to get stronger every year. So far, so good! How do I know? I track it. I know how much I lift for certain movements, like the deadlift, the squat, and the overhead press. Having gained comfort with these functional movements, I feel capable and independent. 

3. You focus on what matters

When we strength train, we make time for what is important – our health. Our goals become clear, and with our newfound confidence (see #4 above) other people’s lives and needs, gossip, social media, excessive cleaning, shopping, you name it! become less important. When strength is the goal, we make time to do what it takes to get strong while avoiding superfluous activities that – in the long run – amount to little. 

2. You create space for training that is non-negotiable

How many times have you moved a workout or a walk because someone or something pulled you in another direction? Be honest. If you are anything like my clients (and me!) we often allow others’ needs to supersede our own.

Strength training requires time, discipline and focus.  When you want to get strong, you will make time for strength.

And the #1 way strength training will make you happier…

1. You get to know your body

While women may know our weight and our height and our shoe size, we don’t KNOW our bodies. In my teaching, I work to help women feel good in their bodies, to think about them, to live inside of them. When we lift, we get to know our bodies, we get to learn how they work and we know what we are capable of on any given day.

When you participate in a strength training program focused on getting as strong as you can, you start to make all of your decisions based on, well, just that: What will benefit my body so it will get stronger? You’ll lean into:

  • Quality and ample sleep 
  • Stress resilience 
  • A manageable to do list
  • Foods that will fuel your body

Strength Training Bonus!

  • Increases libido
  • Maintains or decreases weight
  • Improves mood 
  • Regulates cycles
  • Manages chronic conditions
  • Boosts mental health and thinking

So now that you know many of the ways strength training leads to a happier you, I invite you to join me in my Concierge Small Group Wellness Program.

Can’t wait to train with you!

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