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4 Wellness Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Thanksgiving marks the official start of the holiday season – a time when our usual wellness routines may falter under the weight of stress and busyness.

This year, I encourage you to focus on the gratitude of Thanksgiving and carry it with you throughout the holidays. Ditch those feelings of food guilt and stress and instead approach the holidays with thankfulness in mind.

Nothing ruins time with friends and family more than counting calories at the dinner table or being in a terrible mood from the stress of preparing for the big day. Worry less about the food, the number of reps you’d need to burn off the pumpkin pie, or how it all looks on social media. Enjoy the moment and dig into all the reasons you have to be thankful. Gratitude is critical to our wellness – it motivates us to continue working toward our goals and amplifies our well-being.

Practicing Gratitude

Did you know that there are many benefits of practicing gratitude?

People who are regularly practicing gratitude:

  • are healthier emotionally and mentally
  • have healthier relationships, with themselves and others
  • sleep better and tend to their exercise more often
  • live longer

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools for wellness. And now is the perfect time to tap into this mindset. You can be grateful for your loved ones and a body that allows you to enjoy the holidays. When you bring more gratitude into your life, especially during the stressful holiday season, you will feel a boost to your wellness.

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for my family, my faith, my friends, and the Adrien Cotton community. What I am most grateful for is that I am able to help women of all ages feel better in their bodies.

Practicing Gratitude Now And Always

Happy Thanksgiving from Adrien Cotton and the Adrien Cotton team!

As you implement a gratitude practice, it’s also a good time to incorporate other methods of improving your life into your routine – not just during the holidays. Have you been quietly struggling with perimenopause or menopause symptoms? No more suffering in silence. Check out my MASTER Menopause NOW! online course to take control of this transition and feel better in your body. Prioritize your wellness just in time to enjoy the holiday season.

As a token of my gratitude to you, I’m sharing 25% off the program with code GRATEFUL25, but act soon, as it expires on Sunday, November 26 at midnight.

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