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3 Tips to Being ” That Fit Mom “

Feel like you’ve done almosteverythingright andcan’t lose those last 10 pounds? As a fit mom, below arethree secrets you canstart usingtoday.


Tame the CortisolBeast 

Weight gain, orlack of weight loss,can be often caused by our stress hormone,cortisol. Cortisolis a really important hormone that is released in your body during stressful events and thoughts… and a fit mom likely experiences this often. 

When Cortisol is releasedinto your bloodstream andstays longer than necessary, it hasa negative effect on your weight loss or maintenancegoals.Normally, cortisol is high in the morning and lower in the evening. When you are superstressed your cortisol is elevatedALL OF THE TIME. Iteffects your moodregulation, energy stores,storesfat and causescravings for carbohydrates or other unhealthy choices. The longer cortisol is at work on your body, the more your cravings will get the best of you.

You might think that working out harder will combat the cravings and lack of weight loss. In reality though, high levels of cortisol coupled with high intensity or exercise that allows for little recovery time is a recipe for a health disaster. 



Tip#1:Take charge of your stress before it takes charge of your physique.Get yourcortisol checked.This is no joke and can cause real health complications.Consider a mindful first 10 minutes of being awake; institute personal boundaries for electronics,practice calmingbreathing techniques, make choices about your time management that is reasonable and achievable, learn yoga.  


How can your sleep affect your weight loss or lack thereof. When we don’t get ourQUALITYsleep, our bodies go into “starvation” mode. Similar to when your stress is elevated too much,or when someone is truly starving for food,your body holds onto fatinthe belly and buttand makes it really tough to shed when you areQUALITYsleep deprived.  



Why QUALITY sleep? Our bodies are made with a built in “chip” – orsleep cycle. The cycle(Circadian Rhythm)has 5 stagesand you need to progress through all 5. When we “cheat” our sleep fromgoing throughthe necessarystages,our bodies don’t get what they need to support our normal body functions (like say breathing, walking, listening, etc.). When “cheated”, it storesfatbecause ourhormones – yep that same pesky Cortisol I talked about above – aren’t firing rightand are“starved.”

Take your sleep as seriously as you do your work, relationships and lists 

Tip#2:Start your nighttime routine 60minutesbefore bed. Make it anon-negotiableroutine with which your body will knowyou’re sending the signal “its bed time”. Yourbrain will recognize the routine and YOU will getto that ever-so-comfy- space of time when you hit the pillow andactuallysleep.Also, get your stress in check.See Tip #1.  

Exercise 20 minuteseveryday 

Exercising every day will help your body, your brain and setsa nice model for your kids. Your bodyreacts better– burns more fat and builds more muscle – with every day movementinstead of the of 3or 4times per week. Exercise produces more of the “happy hormone” serotonin. Serotonin is boosted through exercise, eatingthe right foods and sunlight. . If exercising for 20 minutes or more seems daunting try breaking it up in to 5 or 10 minute intervals throughout the day. The important part is that you get your body moving.


Fit Mom at FOR starting their day with some crawling

Your body needs exerciseeveryday 

Tip #3:Make yourdailyexercisenon-negotiable YOUR time. Planitthe night before. Use your workout to shake off all the stresses in your life. Give it a few weeks before you “giveup” andyou will likely want to add an extra day or add another five minutes.  Once you get hooked, you’d be surprised how easy you can find the time if you make it a priority.

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