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3 Exercises to Help You Feel Younger

Let’s cut to the chase. We’ve learned how to get rid of “Bingo” arms. We know how to drop 10 pounds. And, we even know how you – or your loved ones – can really be “the fit mom”. Now, here are the exercises that will give you the most bang for your buck AND help you feel younger. All these exercises require: #1; FUN, #2; FOCUS and #3 SAFETY.



1. Grab a heavy object, like say a bag of soil, groceries, or jug or two of water. Carry them around your house for 1 minute. (Or stand in one place pressing your feet into the floor as hard as you can.) You can carry the item, with two arms, take-it-up-a-notch and carry it with one. You can carry it suitcase style, or you can carry it in front of your chest. Carry it and brace your abs, like someone is going to punch you. Pull your shoulders back; pressing your chest forward (to prevent shoulder or neck injury). Don’t forget to breathe. Rest of 20 seconds; repeat 5 times or set the clock for 5 to 8 minutes and complete the stated number.

2. Push something. Push something heavy. You can perform a “push up” from a couch, a curb or your counter. Use your whole body to press yourself to the top position. Think of this as a “plank up” and “plank down” so your body remains in a straight line. You can also push a heavy door, a non-moving car, or grab a friend or family member and trade off pushing each other. Both of you will get a great workout, even sweating, and have FUN.



3. Jump. You can “jump” without “jumping”. What?! Yes, you can perform a jump with your body yet not even lift off the floor with proper use of that beautiful body. Stand tall. Put your arms back so your hands are next to your hips while you push your hips BACK as far as they go. Breathe in and explode your hips forward standing upright with your arms ending over head.

You will feel strong, young, and like you’ve really done something that will burn fat, build muscle yet do it without the risk of injury.

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