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11 Surprising Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight: The Rest of the Surprising List

Last week, I gave you the first part of my top 11 reasons why so many people are struggling to lose weight — and the response was overwhelming. Here are my next five reasons, even more surprising than the first six. As always, I am happy to answer any questions these may bring up. I’d welcome an email from you at

7. No time to meditate

I’m not talking getting on the floor and chanting “Oms” every day (although I am a huge fan and believer in it!). I’m talking about getting in touch, grounding yourself, being present, and breathing. Research abounds about the benefits of meditation. If you haven’t given it a try and want a crash course, email me and I’ll teach you how to practice 1-minute meditation.



8. No cushion in your day

Do you map out how long it will take to get to the grocery store/gym/school/errand du jour? Do you calculate how long it will take to grocery shop, stand in line at UPS, wait for a prescription? If not, you are missing out. The reason so many of my clients are “always busy” is because they — before they work with me — do not account for the time it takes to accomplish things during the day. Cushioning your time relieves stress…and we know the role stress plays in weight loss!

9. Believing excess cardio is the answer

Most of us grew up in the era where the fitness industry really had its beginnings. Back then, Dr. Kenneth Cooper pioneered the benefits of doing aerobic exercise for maintaining and improving health. And this is so great. Yet what came next were decades of methods to pound the body, sweat profusely, sometimes over-stress the body without recovery, and definitely insufficient training. This is a blog for another day. For now, know that excess cardio without proper foundation training and lack of strength work can lead to injury and frustration because the body just does not work that way.



10. Counting calories

While having a sense of calories is a great idea, the concept was really discovered just around 1900. The nutrition science industry is still very young and many in it admit there need to be alternative methods and a real education of how calories are really burned. Yet exclusively counting calories without a clear understanding of how they are absorbed, combined with the fact that most food labels are off by an estimated 25 percent, means that counting calories is a bad idea. The body is not a machine where you can count calories to get “full;” it is an intricate, complex system.

11. Lack of social support

“The Blue Zones study” found that the one common practice contributing to those areas of the world where the average age at death is 100 is social connection. Researchers have found loneliness is more deadly that obesity. Surround yourself with like-minded people who also share your value of a wellness-centric life. It will help you stay motivated, active, and could possibly be the most important component of your wellness plan!




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