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The One Must-Do Exercise To Get Super Strong (Video Included)

I am a functional fitness coach. This means I prefer movements that are efficient and mimic everyday life. I want to be able to move my body in every way possible – for as long as possible – and the same goes for my clients. I like movements that give me (and clients) the biggest bang for the least number of repetitions.

I am a student of strength.


I believe strength begets strength.

When strength is the pursuit, the goals are limitless. Once you reach your goal, you will likely have shifted it. Strength is a part of the wellness journey and the experiment of the lifetime with the one body we have been given. Growth through strength leads to the opportunity to explore the marvel of your human body. The gift it is to have the ability to perform virtually any movement or exercise with nothing holding us back.

A strong body makes strong choices. These choices can be the difference between a successful wellness practice and one that falls short of your goals.

I love the push-up.

It is a strength training and a “cardio” exercise. It builds muscle throughout the body and gets the heart rate elevated. For those of you who still believe you need to sweat for a “good workout,” look no further. The push-up can be scaled from modified to advanced, from performing with two hands and two legs to 1 of either or both. You see: they are limitless! The push-up can be made more challenging. How about those handstand push-ups? Or push-ups with the feet elevated on an object like a chair, couch, or stair?

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The push-up can be modified. Try them out with your hands placed on the back of a couch, a (stable) chair, or a countertop. There are many ways to perform the push-up. You can place your hands wide, one-up-one-low, narrow, and yes, you can lift a hand and perform a one-hand push-up.  You can place your feet together or wide. I can count about 20 ways to do a push-up. Yet, most important is to take your time, make sure to warm up your body and joints first, learn how much your body can achieve, and have fun. I highly recommend starting slow and learning how to perform one correctly.

When I first started my business almost 20 years ago, I was 34 years old and couldn’t do one push-up on a flat surface. I struggled with wrist pain and had literally no concept of my core.  (I truly don’t know how I survived five marathons and torture in the gym without utilizing my core. That is another story for another day!)  Eventually, I managed to work my way up to a handful on a curb during my runs through Old Town. Now at 54, I can safely say I can perform at least 25 in a row. Better, though, is the feeling of completing five sets of 5 push-ups – correctly – while continuing an injury-free practice.

The most important factor in any exercise program is to have fun and play. Pay attention to your body and explore its possibilities! The second most important is to pay attention to your body’s signals.

Join us to learn how to do a real push-up while we have a few spots open in our small group program.

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