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Menopause Can Be The Most Vibrant Time Of Your Life!

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Menopause blueprint

About The Menopause Blueprint

  • What is Menopause? 
  • What is it doing to your body? 
  • When does it end? 
  • How do you stop the suffering it seems to be causing?


Traditionally, menopause is one of those topics no one talks about. Like a lot of issues in women’s health, most women just suffer behind closed doors.

I am on a mission to break open those closed doors and help women not only survive but thrive during menopause. It really can be the most vibrant time of your life!

In this Master Menopause Blueprint, you will learn what Menopause is and practice steps you can take right away to reduce your suffering and feel great in your body!


Facing Menopause Can Be Scary And Uncomfortable.

menopause is scary
Adrien Cotton

Many people get stuck in denial, hoping the symptoms will just go away on their own.

But Menopause is real.

Hormonal changes are taking place and your body is reacting with night sweats, hot flashes, weight gain, irritability and exhaustion.

You are suffering — but you can get relief!

ADRIEN COTTON helps women master menopause and turn the ‘change of life’ into a life changing moment. As a transformational wellness coach, Adrien leverages her holistic proprietary approach to helping women feel healthy, strong, confident, and beautiful in their bodies and their lives.

ADRIEN is successful at what she does because she understands what it is like to live and work in a high stress and high demand environment. Prior to shifting her focus to wellness, she served in high-leverage roles at Freddie Mac, on Capitol Hill and at Texas Instruments and survived a high risk pregnancy at the age of 40. She entered perimenopause just as she became a new mom.

Shortly after leaving ‘the Hill,’ Adrien opened a boutique gym, and then 15 years later founded ALEXANDRIA WELLNESS, where she has become a leading voice of wellness for women 40+ years of age. Adrien’s approach focuses on key high-impact areas including: stress resilience, sleep, calendar management, nutrition, and mindfulness. She excels in shifting mindsets and helping her clients leverage small habits that yield big results.

Success Stories

"I began this journey seeking a number on a scale; what I gained was knowledge and strength. The wellness habits that I practice every day define me, and the number on my scale is a mere side effect of living my best life."
"The beauty of this program is that you don’t have to do it all at one time. Adrien taught me I could start with just one small habit."